Joshua Tree in style

What is better than crocheting your own clothes? 🙂 I finished this jumper while on our way to Palm Springs (I cannot travel without my crochet kit. It’s a dependency!) We stayed in Palm Springs and visited Joshua Tree. I highly recommend it if you have never been there before!

For each stripe, I used two threads simultaneously in two different colors, which is what creates the gradient effect I particularly like 🙂 The yarn I used is Stories by Sirdar.

To achieve the same effect, you can find below the color details of the yarn. From bottom to top:

  • Golden Hour + Fire
  • Fire + Pillow Talk
  • Pillow Talk + Celebrate 
  • Celebrate + Dreamers 
  • Dreamers + Parade 
  • Parade + Carnival 
  • Carnival + Pillow Talk

Buy the yarn here  (affiliate link).

The pattern I followed is as follows:

Row 1: *double crochet in the next 3 stitches, chain 1, skip the next stitch*. Repeat from *

Row 2: *3 double crochet in the spaces, chain 1*. Repeat from *.

Row 3: double crochet in each stitch.

Row 4: front post double crochet in each stitch. 

Row 5: double crochet in each stitch. 

Repeat rows 1-5. 

Currently, I am working on my SS23 collection, but once I finish, I might write a pattern for this jumper. But no promises. It’s a MAYBE 🙂

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